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Our Y Day Camps are aimed at supporting families and single parents by looking after their children during school holidays. We have different kinds of camps including: April Camp for Kids, April Camp for Teens, Summer Camp for Kids, Summer Camp for Teens, October Camp for Kids, and October Camp for Teens. At the YMCA of Aruba we maintain a positive atmosphere. During our camps we have both our staff as well as volunteers working with the children and adolescents. The volunteers that help us during our camps are mostly EPI students, IPA students or former YMCA members.




Both the April Camp and the October Camp take place over the period of one week. Our biggest camp is our Summer Camp; it takes place over the period of four weeks. Signing-up is possible on a weekly basis. The parents decide whether they want their children to participate for all four weeks or just one week, or two or three weeks. The children and teens receive a warm meal every day during all three camps. All three camps embody different activities and the activity schedules vary every year.


As the April camp takes place during Easter, bible classes are a significant component of this camp. Aside from this, we have activities such as Zumba, watergames, a day at the Community Pool and much more.


Our Summer Camp is our biggest camp and consists therefore out of many more activities. A few of these can include rugby, poetry sessions, paddle boarding, arts and crafts etc.


During our October Camp we have activities such as DIY projects, a day at the Community Pool, cooking classes, karaoke and many more!


Please do not hesitate to come by our offices to ask us about the activity schedules for all our three camps.